Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Målerås Mekaniska AB ( MMAB ) Have customers and suppliers in several countries. It means that our responsibilities are global. Thereof the need for a Code of Conduct that rules our relationship with each other internal but also our external relationships with customers and suppliers. Our Code of Conduct shall always be communicated as an natural part of our work.

Business principles

A Basic requirement is that we internal and external always act within for laws and international Conventions. These shall always be respected and followed.

All interactions with customers and suppliers should take place so that requirements for the finished product can be met. Agreements and contracts regarding the nature and scope should be clear. Customers and other stakeholders should always see MMAB as a reliable and honorable company that always lives up to its commitments . All information on business operations are treated as confidential. Corrupt business practices and other unfair anti-competitive acts not accepted

Social principles

Obligations against employees according to national laws and agreement about social protection shall be respected and followed. Employees shall be treated with respect and dignity. Punishment or threat of punishment may not occur. Discrimination of employees is not accepted. Equality and equal treatment always apply regardless of  race, gender, nationality, age, marital status, sexual orientation, union affiliation or religion. Child- or forced labor is not accepted.

Schedule must comply with national laws and agreements. Salary and other remuneration must at least fulfill national laws, applicable agreements and the generally accepted standard for the industry.

Right of employees to organize and bargain collectively shall be respected.

The work environment must comply with applicable laws and regulations for occupational safety. Machinery and other equipment shall be safe to operate so that the risk of illness and injuries is minimized.


MMAB is actively working to continually reduce its environmental impact. National and international environmental laws and regulations must be observed. The environmental work will be continually improved within the business. As far as possible, the waste is sorted and recycled. The hazardous substances and waste to be handled in an environmentally safe way.


MMAB responsible for the Code of Conduct are communicated both internally and externally. Managers shall, within their area responsible for the implementation of this Code of Conduct and national laws and regulations.


MMAB follows up the approach to our Code of Conduct, both internally and externally. MMAB reserves the right to make unannounced inspections of suppliers and other stakeholders . Inspections may also be carried out by a third party. Repeated and serious incidents leads to corrective action and possible, Liquidation of business cooperation.