Duct Winder

Målerås Mekaniska AB have invented this machine that are perfect to be used after your Extruder line, here you wind your duct in a big octagon 1800x1800x1500mm (or bigger) that also are easy to stack. But the best part with this are when you are going to jack the duct then you only need a braked wheel 3-4m over the octagon to pull duct up of the octagon. Then you lead duct to the jacking machine either up in the air or you have a wheel in floor area that you pulls down duct to from the braked wheel in the roof area and lead the duct to the jacking machine in the floor area.

This means that you won’t need a pay-off to get the duct to the jacking machine.

The machine tacks up to Ø25mm duct. With help of the magazine you can change octagons in full speed up to 300M/minute.

Duct Winder 1800
Duct Winder 1800 octagon
Duct Winder 1800 octagon