Boxed Wire

Boxed Wire is a cable machine for packaging cable eco-friendly, fully automatic.

Boxed Wire is also tested for packaging of optical fiber.


BOXED WIRE eliminates all additional handling and costs associated with returnable reels, barrels and various types of conical center core designs. BOXED WIRE is practical and environmentally safe, a recyclable paper box for cables. (No return transport of reels, barrels or center cones). The BOXED WIRE box is made of organic paper based material and therefor environmentally safe. Unlike other competitor’s packages the Boxed Wire does not require any further support like shrink foil or straps BOXED WIRE reduces storage costs and area. The supply of the packaging material to the cable producer (corrugated board box, foldable core and cover) is tightly stacked on a Euro pallet. The size of the box has been adapted to a Euro pallet for economical transport to the user. Six boxes can be stacked on a pallet or 1 2 units if stacked two pallets high. BOXED WIRE is placed on the Euro pallet (six in total) and is covered by a common cardboard cover, alternatively individual cover for one box is available.


Box and center core are folded out of the flat cardboard leaves. The folded center core is clamped to the bottom of the box and placed onto the feed-in conveyor of the machine several boxes per minute can be prepared accordingly. After the feed-in conveyor, the box is filled with cable and passes through the machine automatically, until it reaches the feed-out roller conveyor at the outlet side of the machine. The cable is layed in rosette form in the box and cut after a preset length. The cable can also be layed in six boxes without cutting; this means an uninterrupted length in 6 boxes and access to the inner end. From the outlet conveyor, the box is lifted manually by means of a specially designed gripper hanging in a swingable crane, onto the pallet. The same procedure can be accommodated by a simple handling robot, if required the boxes with the cable inside are easily handled. The cable can be pulled out in overhead mode with a speed up to 20 m/sec. For this purpose, only a simple pay-off guider can be used, placed at a distance of approx. 1,5 meter over the box. It is possible to equip the machine for different box-heights e.g. from 150 to 650mm. The measurements of the standard boxes are 400×400 mm surface, 500 mm high. A special device allows box height variations from 150 to 650 mm


The machine consists of a sturdy frame and a rosette-laying device, situated in the upper part of the machine. Here, also the 4.Q,8,2 kw main drive is mounted to the combined capstan and laying device. On top of these, there is the cable inlet wheel. The pneumatically operated inlet conveyor for empty boxes is placed at the inlet side of the machine. The box with its cardboard center is positioned in the middle of the machine. The box is there fixed on the compacting platform, making a sudden up and down compacting movement

An automatically operated cutter cuts the cable according to preset length. Flexible and solid conductors can be cut. An electrically operated outlet roller conveyor brings the box to the position from where it can be lifted off by means of a pneumatic, specially designed gripper hanging within a swing crane to be placed on the Euro pallet The BOXED WIRE machine is designed for the integration into an extrusion line or a rewinding line. Also both is possible via a selector switch. The geographical position of the machine is independent from the extrusion line.

The maximum line speed is 1000 meter/ min. The packaging volume of the box is related to the cable dimension, to the kind of material and to the process; e.g. direct extrusion into the box, rewinding from reels barrels etc.

Here are some typical figures showing the capacity of a standard box, 400×400, 500mm high:

Cable size                            0, 352             8. 500 Meter

Cable size                            0, 52               5. 000 Meter

Cable size                            0, 62               4. 800 Meter

Cable size                            1, 52                3. 000 Meter

Cable size                            2, 02               2. 400 Meter

Cable size                            3, 02                1. 750 Meter

Cable size                            7, 02                   800 Meter